Quality work and punctuality are the highest principles of our company. It is particularly important for us to meet the following standards:

  1. The S&S commitment to produce quality oriented products, to identify specific tasks and problems of each customer and develop demand-oriented sustainable solutions to meet the growing market demands, runs through all the business sectors.
  2. S&S understands each contract as a special challenge and as a service to each of our customers. It is one of cooperation rather than confrontation, and open and trusting relationship with the solution of conflicts balancing requirements and realistic process control.
  3. The measure of the quality of products and services from S&S is determined by the customer. His judgment is crucial.
  4. The most important factor at S&S are our employees and their motivation. S&S relies on experience, specific expertise and innovation.
  5. S&S is especially committed to its region and tradition and relies on established suppliers and the consolidated ability to use the efficient cooperation for mutual benefit.
  6. Prevention of errors is better than their elimination; every employee of S&S is jointly responsible for the qualified performance of its tasks and the development of his professional knowledge.
  7. We commit to comply with the relevant environmental legislation and requirements in order to prevent environmental pollution already during order planning as well as during order execution.
  8. The road to success with S&S is introducing and maintaining a management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, to continuously improve our organization and our business processes.