ICE 3 - Modernization for comfort and reliability

According to the refurbishment of the Deutschen Bahn, the Schließ- und Sicherungssysteme GmbH delivers luggage racks, door wings and glass partition walls for the redesign of ICE 3.

The Deutsche Bahn introduced the first redesigned ICE3 on 07.03.2017 in Berlin.

The 66 ICE 3-high speed trains will be modernized after 15 years operating time, whereby more comfort for the passengers and a higher reliability of the vehicles can be reached. The fitting of all trains with a European Train Control System ETCS is another part of the refurbishment, to achieve a more flexible operation into the hig speed railway system, like on the new high-speed rail line Berlin - Munich (from end 2017).

Berthold Huber, DB managing board traffic and transport, explained, that the train is good primed with the new interior and latest technique on board, to connect Berlin and Munich on this high-speed rail line in less than four hours.

The Deutsche Bahn invests around 210 million Euro for the modernization of the ICE 3 trains, until end of 2020 the refurbishment shall be finished.

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